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About The Peggy Lewis Gallery

The Peggy Lewis Gallery is located on the second floor of the Lambertville Free Public Library, and features shows by lesser known local artists, houses the Michael Lewis Art Book Collection, and serves as a community meeting room for smaller gatherings.

Longtime Lambertville resident Peggy Lewis, who died at age 85 in 2003, was an artist, art critic, collector and publicist. She helped start Artsbridge, a network of local artists.

In 1995 she and artist Barry Snyder opened the ABC Gallery in the newly renovated Lambertville Public Library as a showcase and springboard for local artists who may not have had the opportunity to show their work in a gallery setting. The gallery was originally called the ABC Gallery and houses the Michael Lewis Art Book Collection, one of the most extensive collections of the Library, which was donated to the Library by Mrs. Lewis in memory of her late husband.

The gallery was renamed the Peggy Lewis gallery nine months before she died, during which time she continued to write news releases promoting the gallery's featured artists.

Today the gallery operates as a vital part of the Lambertville Free Public Library.

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